Detox and Cleanse

Man drinking his teaMany cultures around the world have practiced different forms of detoxification of the body for thousands of years. Detoxification and purification of the body is vital to good health. Think of the human body as a highly-advanced engine made up of countless individual parts, which must all work together in harmony to produce motion. When the engine begins to accumulate buildup produced as a byproduct of day-to-day use, the engine’s overall performance may start to decline, eventually causing the development of more serious problems. Our bodies work in a similar way, and contamination can lead to serious health problems. Exposure to chemicals, medications, heavy metals, pesticides, and allergens can produce inflammation and disrupt homeostasis, throwing off the body’s natural balance and decreasing its ability to detoxify itself. Symptoms such as frequent headaches, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, weight gain, skin conditions, depression, and general pain may be signs of an overloaded system. In such cases, a detoxification regimen is recommended to help the body restore its natural balance. Your practitioner can work with you to design a detoxification plan that meets your needs.